The Soul Bliss mattress is a carefully crafted, pocket sprung mattress with a cosy pillow-top and an added memory foam layer to give you a supported and comfortable night’s sleep. The tension of the Soul Bliss mattress is a medium feel and is perfect for those who like a balance between soft and firm. The 800 pocket springs work individually to spread your body weight evenly, and the memory foam reacts to your temperature for that perfect sink-into-me feel.
This Soul Bliss mattress is vacuum packed and is delivered rolled up and boxed for ease of delivery; this is also an environmentally friendly delivery option as your mattress takes up less space in transport!


  • 800 Pocket springs Each pocket spring is carefully and precisely engineered, then wrapped individually in its own soft cloth sleeve, which holds it at the optimum tension and allows each spring to move independently from the other springs. The pocket springs are held under the correct tension for responsive support. Since each spring operates independently, you can sleep in your own zone without affecting your partner, plus the mattress moulds more effectively to your individual body shape.
  • Memory foam Memory foam responds to body heat by softening and matching the shape of your body, allowing superb orthopaedic support and incredible comfort. Originally designed by NASA, the memory foam (also known as Visco Elastic) disperses your weight throughout the mattress, alleviating pressure points and allowing freer blood circulation – resulting in an excellently restful night’s sleep.
  • No Turn This mattress is purposely designed to be single sided for your convenience – there’s no need to flip it over, but we do recommend that you rotate the mattress regularly.
  • Medium Firmness The ideal balance between a cushioned feel and a firmer level of support.
  • knitted cover The mattress is covered in a luxuriously soft knitted cover with the added benefit of being breathable.
  • Height Mattress Height Approx 32cm
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Soul Bliss Mattress Mattress

  • 3 - 5 Days